Zero to ProfitOkay so a few of you have taken what I’ve been teaching y’all and actually putting it into action – and people are reporting SUCCESS!

But for all those still sitting on the fence about whether “this stuff really works” – let me show you just how easy it is thanks to the power of niche marketing.

Today I’m going to actually show you one of my “niche” websites that I created and brought to generating profit in less than 20 days to prove to you that this stuff isn’t hard and it doesn’t even have to take that long! So without further ado, here’s how it’s done…

Day 1: Finding a Niche and Building My Site

As I talked about in my niche marketing post – if you get the right keywords you’re already half way to making money. So I simply used the Google Keyword Tool to find a keyword that had searches, but little competition.

Eventually I settled on “Percolator Bongs”. It gets about 18,000 searches a month:

Keyword Traffic

And has minimal competition:

Low Competition

I then modify this free web template using Dreamweaver to create a pretty basic site about “Percolator Bongs”:

Percolator Site

I then register the domain (you can get a domain from NameCheap) and upload it to my web host (if you need hosting, you can use the coupon LAZYCOUPON over at HostGator and you’ll get your first month of web hosting for a measly cent) and my website is done!

If you’re unsure of how to do this you can watch this video and I’ll show you how to easily set up a kick ass site in under 10 minutes.

Day 2: Social Bookmarking

On day 2 I submit my website to around 20 social bookmarking websites. You can find a huge list of social bookmarking websites here.

Day 4: Forum Link Building

I then do a search for “cannabis forums”“smoking forums” and terms like that looking for relevant forums… on these sites I make a few posts on each and add my link either in the signature or profile section like so:

Signature Link

All in all I probably do this on about 10-15 forums.

Day 20: My First Commission is Made!

Whaaaaaaaaat? Is it really that easy? Yep.

By day 20 I’ve made my first sale:

Percolator Sale

And I’m sitting comfortably on the first page of Google:

Google Results

And now I don’t even touch the site and allow it to bring on autopilot sales as I move onto the next thing.

Yes folks, it really is this simple.

Don’t have web hosting yet? Use the coupon LAZYCOUPON at HostGator to get your first month for just $0.01!

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