Niche WarningSo the other day whilst working on my first case study I noticed something pretty amusing… somebody had decided to copy the exact niche and keyword that I was using in the case study.

But not only did they use the same niche – they even copied my images, products and pretty much everything creating an almost exact replica of my website!

I thought it was pretty funny that someone would take the time to set up a whole website but wouldn’t bother to spend a few minutes looking for their own unique niche. But it is a great example of why you should keep your niches to yourself so I thought I would make a post  here to show you guys exactly why you shouldn’t reveal your niche on public forums or to anybody that you don’t trust.

So lets compare. Here’s a screenshot of my website

My Website

And here’s a screenshot of the replica website

Copied Website

Hard to tell the difference aye?

Now this wont stop me from posting the rest of the case study or anything so don’t worry.  In fact I don’t even care if people copy this site or niche.

But here’s the thing: It’s really not in your interest to copy my case study… or anyone elses for that matter. Especially when it’s publicly available on the internet for the whole world to see like this one. By doing so you’ll only be setting yourself up for a lot more competition.

Instead you should be taking the time to find your own untapped niche that isn’t publicly posted. This way you wont be competing with a whole bunch of other affiliate marketers that also had the “bright idea” to copy such and such idea.

There are so many different products out there that can be targeted that there’s really no excuse for not taking the time to do keyword research so that you can find your own niche.

And once you’ve found the perfect niche… keep it on the down low!

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