Email CashIf you’ve got a website with traffic and you’re not yet Email Marketing than you REALLY are leaving money on the table… and here’s why.

The Money REALLY Is In The List!

If you browse internet marketing forums and blogs you’ll hear people over and over again saying cockily “the money’s in the list”… and guess what – they’re not lying!

Just take a look at some of these conversions I’m receiving from emails I’ve sent out…

EXAMPLE 1: Niche – “Smoking Products”

I sent out a single email to this list of 7,394 smokers with a CPA offer for an electronic cigarette trial. It paid out $32 a sale… and this was my result:

Email Marketing to Smokers

So here you can see that my email was opened by 2,810 people and of those 1,405 people actually clicked on the link in my email to the electronic cigarette offer.

And of these 1,405 people – 18 people bought:

Email Profit

And as you can see – this resulted in 16 sales making me a total of $512.

That’s $512 for sending one email that took me about 15 minutes to write!

Let’s have another look at another example:

EXAMPLE 2: Niche – “Gamers”

To this list of 2,598 gamers I sent out a very simple email promoting the game “Ebony”… you might have seen it being advertised around – it’s landing page looks like this:

Evony Landing Page

The offer pays out $1.25 for every free signup so I sent an email about it to my gaming list and these were my response rates:

Email Response Rates

And from those 554 people that went to my offer around 15% of them joined, making me a cool $97.5:

Evony Profits

And again this is just from one email that took me a few minutes to write.

If these numbers don’t convince you to jump on the email marketing train – then nothing will. In short, if you’re not implementing email marketing as part of your internet marketing strategy – you’re leaving a LOT of money on the table.

And it’s really not hard to do, just build up a list of subscribers in a certain niche – then send them offers related to that niche… easy as.

And the best thing is you can market to them over and over and over again.

To run all of my email marketing I use Aweber. There’s a few different services out there that you can use but in my opinion Aweber are the best for a few reasons… they’re extremely easy to use (which is a massive tick for me), they’re inexpensive (your first month will cost you just $1) and they’re reliable as hell.

If you’re ready to make the plunge – get yourself an Aweber account today.

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