Backlink ChainIf you know anything about getting your site to rank highly in the search engines – you’ll know that to really get anywhere, you’ll need a decent number of quality links from other websites that point to yours.

These are referred to as “backlinks” and Google (and other search engines) count each one of these as a “vote” for your website – so the more backlinks that you can get from other, related websites the more the search engines will “push” you up the rankings, giving you more traffic and allowing you to make more money…

So to help you out, I’ve put together a massive, comprehensive list of all the different places online that you score quality, relevant links for free!

Web 2.0 Sites:
(Create a page/blog on these sites and add your links!)

Site Allowing HTML Profile Links:
(Just create an account on these sites and add your link to the ‘Profile’ section.)

Video Sites:
(Upload videos to these sites and add your link in the video descriptions or your profile.)

Article / PR submission:
(Submit articles relevant to your niche and submit them to these sites with your links added.)

Answer Sites:
(Answer questions related to your niche with a link to your site added.)

Photo Sites:
(Add links to you profile and image descriptions.)

Hopefully that’ll keep you busy for a while :)

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