Use Footprints to Build Powerful BacklinksHere’s another SEO tip that will help you to get extremely relevant backlinks to your website. We’re going to do this by using what are called “Footprints”.

So what exactly is a footprint? Simply put – they are strings of text that we can search for to find sites that run using a specific software.

As an example most blogs that run on WordPress will have the text “Powered by WordPress” somewhere on the website.

So if we wanted to find a whole bunch of WordPress websites I could just do a Google search for this footprint:

Searching for Footprints

Then to get more specific we can add a keyword to the mix. So if I wanted to find a whole bunch of WordPress powered blogs about cannabis we can do a search like this:

Cannabis Blog Footprints

So how can footprints help you to find relevant websites to build backlinks on?

We can use these footprints to find specific website platforms that we know allow us to add a link somewhere.

For example WordPress blogs are useful to us because we can leave a backlink by commenting on a post:

Comment Link

Footprints are also useful for finding relevant forums that allow you to build links in your profile and signature section too:

Forum Links

In fact there are quite a few different website platforms out there that allow you to add a link in some way and by using footprints we can easily find these sites.

Below I’ve compiled a list of footprints that you can use to find some of the most popular platforms out there that allow you to build a backlink somewhere on their website.

Forum Footprints:

vBulletin – “Powered by vBulletin”
phpBB – “Powered by phpBB”
MyBB – “Powered By MyBB” “Return to Content | Lite (Archive) Mode”
FluxBB – “Powered by fluxbb”
XenoBB – “Powered by XennoBB” + “Xenno Group”
UseBB – “Powered by UseBB 1 Forum Software”
XMB Forums – “Powered by XMB”
PHPNuke – “PHP-Nuke Copyright” + “by Francisco Burzi”

Blogs & Other Platform Footprings:

WordPress – “mail address will not be published” “Powered by WordPress”
Joomla – “Powered by Joomla!” “Write comment” “Website:”
B2Evolution – “Your email address will not be revealed on this site.” “Leave a comment”
Drupal – Powered by Drupal + “Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.”
4Images – “Powered by 4images” “Author:” “Comment”
BlogEngine – “Powered By BlogEngine” “Add A Comment” “Name*”
SquareSpace – site:* “Post a New Comment”
SharePoint – “Built using the SharePoint” “Comments”
Geeklog – “Powered by Geeklog” “The following comments are owned”
Plogger – “Powered by Plogger” “Post a comment:”
Movable Type – “Powered by Movable Type” + “Post a comment”

These backlinks will not only be extremely relevant but are extremely easy to obtain!

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