So what the hell are ‘rich snippets’ and why should you to add them to your sites?

Well adding rich snippets to your site allows you to make your site really POP in the search engines by adding graphics to your sites listing in Google including things like your Google+ profile image, review ratings, product prices and more:

Rich Snippet Examples

These all help to make your site stand out in the search engines which means that more people will click on your site and ultimately… you’ll make more money!

And the really cool thing is that adding eye catching rich snippets to WordPress is EXTREMELY easy and fast. In fact it only takes a few minutes to set up and considering just how much more pimping it makes your site look in the search engines it’s totally worth it.

So to walk you through the process of adding rich snippets to your WordPress sites I’ve put together this short video where I’ll show you exactly how to do it… enjoy!

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Prefer A Written Guide? No Problem!

If you’d rather a written guide to adding rich snippets to your sites then you’ll find it below. There are two types of rich snippets that we want to setup:

#1: How to set up Google+ authorship in WordPress…

Setting up Google+ authorship just means that we’ll be linking our website to our Google+ account so that our Google+ profile pic can appear in the search engines next to our site.

And to do this we first need to install a WordPress plugin called ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast’.

So login to your WordPress control Panel and then head over to ‘Plugins’ and then ‘Add New’ and search for ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast’:

WordPress SEO Plugin

Then install and active the plugin.

Next you want to head over to the ‘Users’ section and then click ‘Your Profile’:

Updating WordPress Profile

Then from here you want to paste your Google+ profile link into the ‘Google+’ box:

Adding Google+ Profile Link

Then click the ‘Update Profile’ button:

Updating Author Profile

Then there’s one more quick thing that we need to do to finish implementing Google+ authorship to our site.

So next log into your Google+ account and then head on over to the ‘Profile’ section and then the ‘About’ section:

Google+ About Page

And finally add your website link to the ‘contributor’ section:

Google Plus Contributor

And now your authorship is all set up and your Google+ profile picture can start appearing in the search engines next to your site.

However it’s worth noting that your profile picture wont start appearing straight away and even when it does appear it’ll only show certain times… but to test that it’s working correctly we can use a Google tool called the ‘Structured Data Testing Tool’ which you can find here.

So just go to the tool and enter in your website address and then click the ‘Preview’ button:

Authorship Snippet Preview

And if your image appears next to your site (as shown above) then it means that it’s set up correctly!

#2: How to add other types of rich snippets…

Once you’ve added your Google+ authorship rich snippet then next thing we want to do is add some other types of rich snippets to your site.

These can include things like review ratings, product prices and more.

And to do this we simply need to install a WordPress plugin called ‘All In One Rich Snippets’.

So head on over to your WordPress control Panel and then head to the ‘Plugins’ section and click ‘Add New’ and then search for ‘All In One Schema’:

All In One Schema Plugin

Then you want to install and activate this plugin.

Once you have done this you’ll see a brand new rich snippet section whenever you go to make a new blog post (or to edit and old one) where you can add your rich snippet details that looks like this:

Creating A Review Rich Snippet

Once you have updated or published that post a new box will appear at the bottom of that post with your rich snippet details for Google to see.

Here’s an example of a rich snippet that I added to a recent post I made on this blog where I reviewed a tool called FPTraffic:

Review Rich Snippet

And here’s what that rich snippet looks like when I preview it with the structured data testing tool:

Rich Snippet Preview

And that’s all there is to it… now go and add rich snippets to your sites!

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