Here's Why Aweber Kicks Ass For Email MarketingEver wonder why you see so many internet marketers using Aweber to build an email list? Are they really that amazing or are they just great at promoting their service?

I was so reluctant to sign up with Aweber (or any email marketing service for that matter) for the longest time. To be honest I just didn’t really see the benefit of email marketing.

Facebook has replaced email” I thought… “Email marketing is so 2005” I thought…

Turns out I was dead wrong. Email marketing is not just alive and kicking but it’s the crux of a LOT of online businesses and accounts for a HUGE amount of all affiliate sales.

Eventually a little light bulb inside of my head clicked and I began to see the benefit of being able to collect “leads” and then promote to a list over and over and over again instead of just going for a one time sale and having people never return to my website again.

So I soon gave in and decided to sign up for Aweber’s $1 trial just so I could see what all of the fuss was about… and let me tell you I’ve been hooked ever since.

So here’s a look at why I (and so many other people) swear by Aweber.

They are easy as hell to use…

One huge thing that put me off email marketing for a long time was that it just seemed waaaay too complicated and I just felt like I would be completely out of my depth.

I thought “I can’t do everything! I’ll just stick to SEO!”… bad decision.

Now I wish I had of been building a list since the very beginning (and yes I know a lot of people say this but that’s because it’s the flat out truth).

But it turns out that you don’t have to be a coder or a super experienced email marketer to start marketing by email… you just need a top notch email marketing service like Aweber.

Aweber makes is dead easy to start building a list with its super intuitive interface that allows even the newest of email marketers to quickly start building their list without having to worry about all of the “technical” stuff.

Aweber loves affiliate marketers…

I see a lot of people choosing and recommending MailChimp – probably because they have a ‘Free’ plan. But the thing is they actually don’t allow affiliate marketers. If you read through their terms and conditions you’ll see that they clearly state that they do not allow affiliate marketers to use their service.

And the last thing you want to do is to spend a whole bunch of time building up a profitable email list only to have your account banned!

Aweber on the other hand supports and likes affiliate marketers and isn’t going to ban you for sending out affiliate offers to your list. They are a very ‘affiliate’ friendly email marketing service and as a result they are used by a tonne of top affiliates.

They give you super detailed statistics...

One thing that really helped me to “get” email marketing and why it’s so powerful was when I first saw the statistics and reports Aweber would provide you with after sending out an email to your list. I was totally floored by how many stats they give you about how people are interacting with your emails!

Basically whenever you send out an email they will tell you not only how many people opened that email but also how many people clicked on a link in that email:

Aweber Email Statistics

You can even track exactly which of your leads are buying too!

We can then do all sorts of cool things with these stats like sending another email to ONLY the people that opened your email:

Send To Engaged Subscribers

Or alternatively you could send a follow up email to everybody who DIDN’T open a particular email:

Segmented Broadcast

This is a killer way to promote stuff to ultra targeted segments of your list without pissing off your entire list.

And this is really just the tip of the iceberg.

In the ‘Reports’ section you’ll find an insane wealth of information about everything you could ever want ranging from where your subscribers are signing up from to what countries your subscribers are coming from to how much money you are making from each email.

In fact there’s just way too many metrics that you can look at to list here.

Detailed Aweber Reports

The beautiful thing about Aweber though is that you only have to go as “deep” into all of this stuff as you want too. All of these different stats and tools and metrics might seem a little overwhelming at first but when you’re starting out you don’t have to use any of them.

But you’ll be surprised at how quickly you become addicted to them and start to rummage deeper and deeper into your subscriber stats. You can get some absolutely amazing insights about how people are interacting with your emails and what they are liking and what they’re not.

It only costs a buck to get started…

Aweber charges based on how many subscribers you have. So up to the first 500 subscribers costs just $19. Once you go beyond 500 it’s $29. Beyond 2,500 and it’s $49.

But the cool thing is the first month is just $1 which allows you to really play around with it without having to risk anything. If you find you absolutely hate it and that email marketing isn’t for you then you’ve only lost a buck… but if you’re anything like myself and countless other marketers out there I’m pretty sure you are going to FREAKING LOVE IT.

The downside?

The only real downside to Aweber is that it costs slightly more than some of the other email marketing services out there.

That being said though I’ve never had a month where I haven’t made back the monthly cost many, many times over… this is really a case of “you get what you pay for”.

I’m seeing quite a few people also recommending Imnica Mail for their extremely low prices but after trying them out a little while back it was pretty obvious that they weren’t nearly as sophisticated as Aweber. Sure their price is low but their interface, stats and pre-made opt-in forms are nowhere near as good as Aweber (sorry Imnica!).

If you sign up for Aweber through my link I’ll get a commission (thanks!) but that really isn’t why I’m writing this blog post. Aweber has really helped me to take my affiliate marketing business to a whole new level and I know there are a lot of affiliate marketers that are “on the fence” about this whole email marketing thing so I’m trying to urge you all to give it a go so that you too can have that giant “A HA!” moment and start to make some really good money with email marketing.

For me – it was frankly one of the best decisions that I’ve made.

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