Steal Your Competitors BacklinksHere’s a simple SEO strategy that will help you to beat those pesky competing websites that are outranking you in the search engines thanks to a little bit of reverse engineering.

It involves spying on your competitions’ backlinks with free tools that tell you not only how many backlinks a site has (which will give you an idea of hard they will be to beat) but exactly where the backlinks are located.

There’s a few tools around that let you do this but I’m going to recommend Open Site Explorer just because you don’t have to register an account and can begin checking out your competitors’ backlinks right away.

So lets say that we are trying to rank for the term “Juice Extractor Reviews” – just a random keyword I’ve picked out of thin air. We would first do a Google search for this term to find out what the top ranking websites are:

Find Competitors

Next we would head over to a keyword checker tool like Open Site Explorer and search for the top ranking sites:

Backlink Search

And BAM. You’ve got yourself a full list of their backlinks:


Finally just go through each site see which ones you can also get for link on for yourself:

Copying Backlink

Now obviously you aren’t going to be able to get a backlink on every site that your competitors have but you’ll be surprised at just how many you can.

Keep an eye out particularly for blogs (that you can comment on), forums (that you can build signature and profile links on), directories (that you can submit your website too) and any other type of website that allows some kind of submission that includes a website URL.

By simply copying what high ranking websites do you can duplicate their success!

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