Find Profitable Niches with AmazonI’m always recommending the Amazon affiliate program to new affiliate marketers. Their affiliate program is perfect for affiliate marketing newbies for a few reasons. They’re a trusted brand name that converts with a massive number of products available for you to promote. Plus they have no “approval process” so you can just sign up and begin promoting their products right away.

Another cool thing about the Amazon affiliate program though is it’s a fantastic way to find profitable niches with very little competition. So if you’re a bit stuck for keyword ideas it’s a great place to head to to get some inspiration.

To find these “golden nugget” niches just log into your Amazon Assosciates account and head over over to the ‘Product Links’ section:

Finding Amazon Products

Then pick a category from the menu and click ‘Go’:

Search Amazon

Now browse through the products and look for the ones with a good ‘Sales Rank’:

Product Sales Rank

If a product has a ‘Sales Rank’ number it means it’s selling well.

Then search for these popular Amazon products in the Google Keyword Tool to see if people are searching for these items in Google:

Keyword Research

If the keyword is getting a decent number of searches then take a look at how much competition there is in the search engines:

Google Search for Amazon Keywords

Look for products that have few results in the search engines (less than a million is good!) and hardly and other websites targetting that keyword.

The trick is to find products that are selling well on Amazon, have a decent number of searches AND have little competition.

It might take a bit of sifting through the various Amazon products but if you put some time into it you can find some very lucrative keywords to build your websites around.

Some more examples of Amazon products with little search engine engine competition include:

Amazon Keyword Examples

Amazon has literally thousands of these profitable niche products that are just waiting to be promoted… so get out there and make some money!

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