Niche Case Study Part 4It’s that time of the month again where I update you all on how my ongoing case study is going.

For those that are a little late to the party this is part four in a case study series where I show you exactly how I build profitable websites from start to finish.

If you have missed the first few parts I highly recommend you start with part one.

Update: This case study was done a while ago now and I ended up giving the site in the case study away to the winner of a competition who failed to renew the domain (despite it making money!). So even though all of the strategy is still here along with screenshots and all that jazz you wont be able to visit the actual site anymore!

So it’s been about a month since my last update and whilst I haven’t added any new products to the website yet I have made a few updates and changes that I’m going to share with you.

New ‘Call to Action’ Buttons…

One of the biggest updates that I’ve made since my last post is the addition of some new big, fat call to action buttons on each product… think of it as ‘click bait’.

I felt as though the small ‘buy now’ buttons weren’t enough so I’ve added some call-to-action buttons that are much more eye-catching.

Here’s a screenshot of the new buttons:

New Call to Action

See how it just screams ‘CLICK ME!!! CLICK ME!!!’?

Improving your call-to-action buttons is a great way to increase click throughs and sales and after adding the new button I’m already seeing an improvement in conversions.

Amazon does a great job of selling their products too with tonnes of reviews, related products and a trusted brand name so by getting more people “through the door” I’m allowing Amazon to do more of what it does best – close the sales.

New ‘Sharable’ Content…

To help my website get a few shares and likes on the various social networks out there (facebook, twitter, Google+ etc) I’ve written and added an article about wine that’s designed to interest people so that they share it.

Social signals are becoming more and more important in the SEO world and adding some viral content to your website is a great way to give your website a bit of a boost in the search engines.

Here’s a screenshot of the article that I’ve added:

Social Content

If you look closely you’ll also see that in the middle of the article I’ve linked back to my home page for my main keyword ‘Wine Aerator’:

Social Link

I then just submitted the article to various social bookmarking websites like Digg and Reddit and posted it to a few wine related groups on Facebook.

Sales Are Picking Up…

Sales are also slowly starting to pick up. Since my last update the site has made another 15 sales which amounts to just over $15 in profit:

Amazon Commissions

Search Engine Rankings Are Improving…

My search engine rankings are improving nicely too and I’m starting to rank pretty well for some of the terms that I’m targeting.

For my main keyword ‘Wine Aerator’ I’m currently sitting at the top of page #3:

Page 3 For Main Keyword

I’m also getting some nice traffic for the keyword ‘Best Wine Aerator’ which I’m currently sitting on the first page of Google for:

Page 1 Keyword

And on top of that I’m ranking on the first page for quite a few of my product keywords:

Product Page 1

A few of the other products that I’m ranking on the first page for include things like ‘Sharper Image Wine Aerator’ and ‘Soiree Wine Aerator’.

Next Steps?

More content and more backlinks. I want to see this bad boy ranking right up the top of the first page of Google for ‘Wine Aerator’ so it’s back building more quality backlinks for me…

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