SEO Case Study Part 2Here’s a quick update on the SEO case study that I started about a fortnight ago. As you might remember I set up a website targeting the keyword “Wine Aerator” and added a few pages to it promoting different aerators through the Amazon affiliate program.

Update: This case study was done a while ago now and I ended up giving the site in the case study away to the winner of a competition who failed to renew the domain (despite it making money!). So even though all of the strategy is still here along with screenshots and all that jazz you wont be able to visit the actual site anymore!

All that I’ve done so far is build links on a few wine blogs and forums but already I can see that two of the keywords that I’m targeting are starting to rank in Google for some of the keywords that I’m targetting:

I’ve also started to receive a few of visitors from Google too:

Search Terms

It’s not much but it’s nice to see that people are starting to find my site… plus I’ve barely done anything to it yet aside from building a handful of links!

The next Step…

So what’s next? Simply more content and more backlinks.

Using the Google Keyword Tool I’ve found three more keywords to target:

Keyword Search

Then I’ve created a page for each of these three terms and added them to my website

Site Preview

I’ve now got six pages in total on my Aerator website.

Finally I created backlinks on a few more wine forums and blogs and have set up a SquidooWeebly and page about “Wine Aerators” each with a few backlinks to my website:

Web 2.0 Properties

And that’s it! Nothing super complicated at all… just good old fashioned unique content combined with quality backlinks on related websites.

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