Niche Case Study FinaleSo it’s been a couple of months since I last updated my SEO case study but I’ve been getting a lot of questions and emails about it so here’s another update for everyone that’s following along!

If you haven’t already checked out the first four parts of the case study then I recommend starting at part one so that you can see what I’ve done so far to build up a profitable website from scratch.

I haven’t had a huge amount of time to dedicate to over the last couple of months due to being extremely busy with other projects but despite being slack the site is continuing to steadily increase in sales, traffic and rankings in the search engines… and that’s what I love about building profitable SEO sites – once they’re up and earning you can go away from it for months at a time and they will still sit there making you money on autopilot.

Update: This case study was done a while ago now and I ended up giving the site in the case study away to the winner of a competition who failed to renew the domain (despite it making money!). So even though all of the strategy is still here along with screenshots and all that jazz you wont be able to visit the actual site anymore!

So here is what I’ve done since I last updated…

New Products…

Since my last update I’ve added a total of eight new products to the site:

8 New Products

You’ll notice I’ve started to expand into some other closely related wine products like wine decanters and stands. I’ve made my way through many of the top searched aerators so have decided to move onto some other untapped wine products that get a decent amount of searches.

Adsense Integration…

I’ve also added some Adsense to make some extra income alongside Amazon:

Adsense Integration

It’s only been up for a few days now but has already made a few extra bucks and compliments the Amazon products well.

New Backlinks…

Naturally I’ve also been building some more backlinks on various authority websites:

2 New Backlinks

Traffic Continues to Increase…

As can be seen in the traffic stats below the site has increased in visitors every month so far. The site is now just over 6 months old but is getting a regular stream of traffic from the search engines for all sorts of keywords:

Site Visitors

Rankings Continue to Increase…

The site continues to do well in the search engines and since my last update has started to rank really highly for a lot of different keywords.

At the time of writing this the site is currently sitting on page #1 for ‘Wine Aerators’:

And on page #2 for the keyword ‘Wine Aerator’:

Main Keyword 2

It’s also currently ranking in the #2 spot for ‘Best Wine Aerator’:

Secondary Keyword

And is comfortably sitting in high positions for many of the product keywords:

Page 1 Keywords

Sales Continue to Increase…

Since the last update the site has also made a whole bunch of new sales for various products through the Amazon affiliate program and it’s been steadily increasing month after month:

Amazon Earnings

So what’s next?

If you’ve been following the case study from the very beginning then you should have a pretty good idea now as to how you can set up simple but profitable niche website.

And whilst I’d love to continue this case study far into the future the truth is I just have too many other projects going on at the moment.

So instead I’ve decided to do something a bit crazy….

I’m going to give away to one lucky blog reader!

I would absolutely love to make someone’s day and to help them kick start their affiliate marketing career – and what better way to do this than by giving away an already established and profitable website that they can build upon.

All of the hard work has been done for you. You’ll just need to focus on adding more content, building more backlinks and growing it like a motherfucker!

[UPDATE: Competition has ended and the site has been given away.]

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