Here’s a pretty simple SEO trick that I implement into most of my websites in some form or another… just include “buying” keywords throughout your website!

So lets say you have a fashion website that’s promoting “Dresses”… using the Google Keyword Tool I’ve found some of the keywords we might be going after:

Dresses Keywords

Now needless to say some of these terms are going to be pretty damn competitive – and what’s more is that many of the people searching for these terms wont be ready to buy but will simply in “research” mode wanting to learn more about the items in general.

So that’s why you should always include and target “buying” style keywords too. These will usually have less searches, but will convert a lot better AND are often much easier to rank for.

For example, simply adding “for sale” to end of your keyword can attract some serious buying traffic:

For Sale Keywords

If you had a “Dress” related website and built a page targeting each of these “for sale” terms you would surely get the kind of visitors that you want (the kind that buys!).

Another variation is to target “Buy [YOUR KEYWORD] Online”. Once again this shows a serious intent to buy and can be used with just about any product:

Buying Keywords

And finally, many people search for their product within a certain price range. To target these people just add the word “Under” and you’ll find an assortment of golden keywords that are often totally untapped:

Under Keywords

Be sure to include these “buying” keywords throughout your site, build some backlinks to your site using these terms as the anchor text and you’ll be well on your way to attracting extremely targeted traffic that CONVERTS!

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