Google Plus MarketingGoogle’s new social network Google+ has been steadily growing every day yet very few marketers are building any kind of presence for their website or business. Some marketers just have absolutely no idea where to begin whilst others simply don’t see the value in it.

So today I’m going to show you exactly why you should bother with Google Plus marketing as well as how you can go about doing it.

Here’s WHY You Should Be Marketing on Plus…

1) Google+ gets your content “shared”.
It’s a network with a huge sharing culture so if you put out cool stuff, whether it be pictures, videos or a links to great content – then people will re-share it. This makes it an excellent traffic source and a great way to constantly get your content to new people.

2) Google is already integrating aspects of Google+ into their search results.
You might have already noticed that Google is now integrating posts and links that are shared on to the G+ network by people that are in your circles into the search results allowing you to pick up even more traffic. And my money is on them integrating social signals into their search results more and more into the future.

3) Because you shouldn’t put all of your eggs into one basket.
Whilst some people are screaming out “Facebook has too much of a head start! Don’t waste your time with Google+!” I on the other hand admit that I have absolutely no idea where the social media world will be in a couple of years or who will come out on top. So I would rather hedge my bets and be on all of them.

Yes I’ll keep building my presence on Facebook too but I’m also putting time into figuring out Google+ and it’s already starting to pay off.

4) Because the Early Bird Gets the Worm.
It’s almost always easier if you get in early. You encounter less competition, less restrictions and less saturation.

I wish I had of started building up my Facebook presence much earlier on when pages were still more of a novelty and every man and his dog wasn’t on there trying to get you to like their shit.

I would of had a much bigger headstart and would have a much larger influence in the Facebook world right now but back then I didn’t see the value in any of these things and I actually thought that “MySpace” was the unbeatable king the social world… hindsight is a bitch aye.

But that’s enough about the why and lets jump to the how.

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Here’s HOW To Build A Big Following on Plus…

Google Plus FollowersSo far I’ve managed to amass close to 10,000 followers on my G+ account as well as build up pages with thousands of followers for several of my niches.

Here’s how you can do the same:

1) Funnel fans from your other social properties to your Google+ account.
Have you already got a populated Facebook page for your website or niche? How about a Twitter? What about a big email list? Let them know about your Google+ profile and most importantly give them a INCENTIVE to circle you!

Are you in the doggy training niche? Let them know that you’ll “be revealing 3 of your closely guarded doggy training secrets later in the week to only your G+ followers”.

Promoting a specific product? Tell them you’ll be offering big exclusive discounts to only you G+ followers later in the week.

Get creative and come up with something enticing and ask yourself “what would make me want to circle this guy?”

2) “Borrow” followers from other people and pages related to your niche.
Here’s an extremely easy way to very quickly build up a huge following of people that are interested in your niche.

Simply find popular Google+ profiles and pages that belong to people within your niche… and then steal their followers!

You can do this by just searching for your niche in the search bar and selecting the ‘People and Pages’ option:

Google Plus Search

Then look for profiles with large amounts of followers and click the ‘View All’ link next to the section that with their followers:

Find Followers

Then one by one add each person to one of your own circles:

Steal Followers

Something like 20-30% of all of the people that you follow will wind up following you back. Sometimes more if you make your profile really interesting with lots of useful updates.

Takes a bit of time but it works and it’s extremely easy!

3) Share awesome stuff with your circles.

Share great content that people will re-share and not only will you get more traffic but you’ll be able to gain new followers.

Share Cool Stuff

Every time a new person sees your post and likes it – there’s a chance they’ll also decide to follow you.

That’s all there is to it…

Keep repeating these steps over and over and you’ll soon find yourself with a sizable G+ following on your hands. From here you can use it to promote and drive traffic to your niche related websites… remember the key to getting lots of traffic from plus is to share content that people will actually enjoy and want to re-share.

Oh and one more thing – don’t forget to follow me on G+ for more tips on growing your following ;)

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