When a lot of people think of viral marketing they think that it’s that incredible difficult thing right?

They think they think that it requires spending thousands of dollars or days on end to create AMAZING content and that it still requires a hell of a lot of luck.

But today I want to share with you three super simple viral marketing techniques ANYONE can use to drive more traffic, sales and backlinks to their sites.

These techniques don’t involve spending large amounts of money, they don’t require days and days of work and they absolutely do not rely on ‘luck’.

In fact I’ll be showing you how to leverage content that is ALREADY proven to be viral and then how you can use that content on your own site to get tonnes of free visitors.

So if you’re ready to learn just how easy viral marketing can be – check out the full tutorial below:

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The SEO benefits…

As I mention towards the end of the video above beyond the free traffic that you’ll get by creating these viral pieces of content there is an even bigger benefit and reason for doing this – and that’s the SEO benefit.

By posting out these viral pieces of content you are essentially getting other people to do all of the hard work and link building for you so that you have more time to just focus on creating content for your site.

As I also mentioned in the tutorial video above another great tip is to link these viral articles to your ‘money pages’ (aka the pages that bring you the most money) which will then help THOSE pages to rank too.

To Sum Up…

The three easiest ways to create viral content that almost always works are:

1) Create viral news stories. So just find viral niche related articles on news sites with LOTS of shares and then re-write them, post them to your blog and then share them out from all of your social accounts.

2) Post viral videos. So instead of having to put in all the time and effort to create a video yourself you can simply leverage already popular and videos that are proven to be viral by simply posting them to your site and then posting them out from your social accounts.

3) Post infographics. Something about infographics just makes people loooove to share them and they are a dead easy way to create viral content fast. Once again you just post the infographic to your site, post it out from your social accounts and then BOOM… free traffic!

Don’t Have a Big Social Following?

Yes – you DO need to have some decent social accounts set up for this to work.

But don’t worry if you haven’t already got this because I’ve already put together several social marketing guides that detail EXACTLY how you can easily build up big ass, niche related followings on most of the big social networks.

Here’s some links:

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